The Good Living series

One of the projects I’ve enjoyed most over the past two years is the Good Living series, published in the Globe and Mail and sponsored by Standard Life. The articles — all about topics of interest to boomers, including financial planning — are based on interviews with experts, and as a result, reflect a wide variety of informed views and perspectives.

If you’d like to talk about any particular view, please feel free to leave your comments, and I’ll be sure to respond.

Good Living Sep 16.08 When the cottage becomes home

Savings Plans Oct18 Ready, set, no?

Good Living September 12 2007 Downsizing

Good Living Sept 5 Active Living

Good Living Sep 30.08 Passing the buck

Good Living Sep 25.08 Being there

Good Living Sep 10.08 Renovation nation

Good Living October 17 The sandwich generation

Good Living Oct. 16.08 Leaving a legacy; reducing your tax bill

Good Living Oct. 8.08 Invest wisely

Good Living Oct.29 08 Savouring the sweet taste of success

Good Living Oct.22 Never too late to start a family business

Good Living Nov 19.08 Family synergy can build big business

Good Living Nov 13.08 Building a family enterprise

Good Living Nov 6.08 A return to the family business

Good Living Nov2808 Feathering an emptynest

Good Living Nov7 Estate Planning

Good Living May.26.09 A rich retirement requires more than money

Good Living May.20.09 Exploring an entrepreneurial urge

Good Living May.14.09 Managing a midlife makeover

Good Living May 22 2008 Vacation homes that work

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